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The heavy-duty sheet platform trolley is great for moving all sorts of flat heavy goods, from metal sheets to wooden sheets. The four height bars on this trolley allow it to adapt to any size and weight of sheet or off-cuts that need manoeuvring.

This durable trolley is made using a heavy-duty Aluminium Profile and has been assembled with sturdy fittings, so even the heaviest load will be transported with ease!

Our sheet rack trolley is a simple yet highly effective way of storing and manoeuvring large, flat materials. 

This trolley will be beneficial to manufacturing factories and warehouses that require unique material transporting solutions to keep your workplace tidy, organised and safe. 

  • Save time and energy by being able to move large quantities of flat materials
  • Easily move heavy loads with no strain on the back, shoulders or arms 
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in any warehouse, showroom, assembly-line operation


  1. 4 Castors: 2 swivel & 2 braked castors with rubber wheel & square plate fixing
  2. The four handles allow for a more comfortable grip when manoeuvring 
  3. Trolley constructed with heavy-duty Aluminum Profile making it durable and able to handle heavy loads
  4. Can be customised to fit your enviroment. Start project and send us your requirments.


Perhaps you want to make a sheet platform with adjustable racks?

Creating your own trolley is a great way to optimise efficiency and customise the process to suit your needs.

We can design and build a custom sheet platform trolley that meets the needs of your business and your workplace environment!


If you’re looking for a factory solutions specialist that can help you with your next project, look no further than KJN! We have over 26 years of experience in the industry and we are ready to bring your concept to life.

We are KJN Aluminium Profile, a one-stop-shop for aluminium profiles, components, design and precision engineering. The possibilities are endless. If you need a custom solution for your business, we can help. We offer design and engineering assistance from start to finish and have the resources available onsite to make the impossible – possible!­­­